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Healthy Eating Tips For Delawareans

delaware crab with veggiesAs cold and flu season bear down on the northeastern United States many Delawareans are looking for natural ways to stay healthy by improving their diets. Many of us have heard of the benefits of Garlic and other herbs to boost the immune system but what are some other ways to stay healthy during the winter? This post details my findings on the subject…

1 Fruits And Veggies Rule

Study after study shows that fruits and vegetables are chock full vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients and other compounds essential to optimal human health. Carbs may be the “staff of life” and protein is undoubtedly necessary too, but when it comes to immune boosting be absolutely sure you are getting all of the fruits and veggies your body needs! As Will DeMarco of Nature’s Magic Gift points out: “doctors are still discovering all kinds of new healing and life sustaining benefits that you can get from consuming powerful super foods like kale, broccoli, parsley, blueberries and so forth…”

Some people are intimidated by preparing vegetables as they are used to eating take-out and pre-packaged meals. However it is truly quite simple. Most vegetable can be quickly steamed or boiled or even cooked in a microwave oven. If you ever have any questions about how to cook a particular veggie it is definitely very simple to just tyoe the question into your smart phone and you will immediately receive hundreds if not thousands of articles and blog posts offering suggestions and tasty recipes.

2 Avoid Processed Foods

This tips goes along nicely with the precious one. While processed foods can be easy to heat up and eat they typically don’t provide nearly as much real nutrition as meals comprised of freshly prepared vegetable, fruits, and quality meats.

Obviously if you are somebody who’s diet revolves around fast food and frozen pizzas then it isn’t going to be a quick or easy transition to eating wild salmon and steamed broccoli, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try swapping in a healthy home cooked meal one or two nights a week.

Also, if you absolutely refuse to cook you can at the very least try to buy healthier, organic frozen meals and supplement these with raw fruits and veggies that don’t require any preparation beyond rinsing them off and perhaps peeling them.

3 Keep Things Light

Eating too much heavy food can be taxing on the body and leave you feeling tired and icky even when you aren’t sick. One thing you can do is to replace a meal with a healthy crisp salad or light and refreshing smoothie. Both of these options can, depending on the ingredients you use, provide a good source of protein as well as those all important anti-oxidants I mentioned earlier.

If making smoothies is new to you then you are in for a real treat. One great idea is to try starting the day with a delicious fruit smoothie. Even if you have little time reserved for yourself during the mornings, you probably still have enough time to whip up a super healthy shake for  breakfast.

DeMarco recommends keeping an eye on the balance between your macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs) when making a smoothie. Since fruit is full of carbs that macro is typically abundant already so the trick is making sure you get enough protein and healthy fats in there. Good sources of these can be nut butter, avocados, whole milk and yogurt and high quality grass fed milk protein powders.

Finally, try adding some “super foods” like Goji berries, kale, and turmeric to give your smoothie an immune powering super boost. You can keep things simple by stocking up on a quality greens powder that can be added to a smoothie with the flick of your wrist.

These three tips are a great start to eating healthy and boosting your immune system during the winter months. Just be sure to discuss these strategies with a licensed medical professional before implementing them as you should regarding any change to your diet, exercise or supplementation habits.

DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. Information on this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Government Employees Now Paying For Their Own Erectile Dysfunction Medicine

liberty-over-erectile-dysfunctionAs tax payers most of us accept the fact that our tax dollars will go, in part, to pay the salaries of elected officials and other state employees. However, when we start talking about health insurance benefits the conversation gets a bit stickier. If people weren’t upset enough over the so-called “Affordable Care Act” aka Obamacare, consider this – even tax payers who are unable to pay for their own health insurance are forced to pay (via taxes) for the health insurance provided to state employees and their families. This is particularly shocking when you consider the fact that the maximum income to get subsidized care is set around a paltry $80,000 per annum. This means that many healthy young families are forced to pay 20% or more of their income in health insurance premiums, hence the reason why I have taken to referring to Obama’s plan as the “UN-affordable Care Act”.

If that wasn’t bad enough, consider the fact that until just recently our tax dollars were being used to subsidize the cost of erectile dysfunction drugs for state employees. That means the struggling families were toiling away, working overtime in many instances, so that our overpaid government officials can enjoy erections on demand. A travesty of the highest magnitude.

Thankfully the local news has reported that “A state committee tasked with examining government employees’ health care voted Friday to … cut state coverage of erectile dysfunction drugs”. This saves the state 2.7 million dollars annually. If that sounds like a lot of money consider the fact that, according to that same news article there are approximately 3,400 government employees who were previously relying on state health care (and our tax dollars) to pay for their ED medications.

Here’s an idea – why doesn’t the state take that 2.7 million they saved to look into the real root causes of erectile dysfunction. I have a hunch that it isn’t caused by a naturally occurring lack of erectile dysfunction medications in the body.

Delaware Deserves Better From The Federal Government

In this rather appalling video President Obama lets a Wilmington Delaware crowd know about the tragic downing of a passenger jet, and then immediately starts joking around with his audience. The Presidents speech was supposed to be about “policy” but instead we are given this very insensitive looking display. No matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican I think that we can all agree that this is just a weird way for the president of the United States to address a crowd. I think we can also all agree that the good people of Delaware deserve a lot better than what they’ve been getting from the federal government for the past 100 years or so!

Doing Business In Delaware – Facts You Should Know

dover-neighborhoodAccording to Forbes magazine, Delaware is currently ranked as the 11th best state in the country to do business in. Most people would agree that number 11 out of 50 is pretty good, but in my humble opinion it should probably be ranked just a smidge higher, perhaps fourth or fifth, and I’m not the only one who thinks this either. Based on factors such as the low cost of doing business and the bountiful supply of both skilled and unskilled labor, there are some definite advantages to doing business in Delaware.

Alright, Corporate tax rates certainly could be lower, but all things considered the price of setting up shop and running a business in Delaware is quite low compared to other places like Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and so forth. One of the things that irks me however is the personal income tax rate of 6.6%. I just don’t understand why any state needs to tax it’s citizens this much, especially when those of us in the top brackets are already paying 40% of the money we earn to the federal government, before we even talk about Social Security or Medicare taxes. How can these practices be defended? What on earth are our elected officials doing with the billions of dollars we are giving them? Why can’t they at least fix our schools so we don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars more per year to get our children a decent education? Okay, I’m going off on a tangent, but sometimes I need to vent about this stuff. However, all things considered Delaware schools are pretty good depending on the community that you reside in.

What industries have historically prospered in Delaware? Well, of course there’s the aircraft industry, healthcare, finance and tourism. These industries contribute massively to the states economy and all the available evidence indicates that these industries will continue to thrive in DE.

Two other industries which can really been exploding lately are Internet Marketing and Environmental Protection. While many people probably understand that environmental companies work with businesses and the government to find new “green” ways of modifying and growing infrastructure, internet marketing is something less widely understood. While there are many types of Internet marketing, from media buying to digital publishing, this is most definitely an industry that will continue to grow and evolve for many years to come. After all, lets face it – people are using the Internet for just about everything these days, and this isn’t a trend that is going to go away anytime soon. One of the most attractive things about establishing an Internet marketing business out of Delaware is it’s close centralized location between NYC and Austin Texas which is in many ways the hub of Internet marketing in the US.

While there are pros and cons to every location, Delaware is nearly as good as it gets, and definitely an option you will want to consider if you are starting or relocating an existing business.